Item lifecycle

When an item is created or updated, it goes through different states until the process is finished. When this process starts, the status is "UPDATING", then having two possibles flows, whether or not the connector has MFA. In the case that it does not have, the next state in the flow is the final state, which can be "UPDATED" if everything went ok, "OUTDATED" if there was an error after the login, or "LOGIN_ERROR" if the error was in the step login. In the case that the connector has MFA, the item is waiting for the user's input until he completes it, when the user does it, the execution continues as in the previous scenario until the Item ends the execution in one of the 3 possible final states.

Execution flow

Each item is created or updated through an execution, which, like the item, goes through different states as it is executed.
Each item status has possible associated execution states according to the following diagram. These statuses give specific information not only on the steps that are being executed while the item is updating but also on the final result of the execution. Thus, for example, if the item status is OUTDATED, we can review execution status to know the specific cause of not finishing the process correctly.