Create your first Item

Get to know our Demo application. Get to know Pluggy Connect and our Sandbox environment.

With your recently created Application, you are ready to create your first Item.

Demo Application

To get a quick feeling of how our API works, you can use our fully-working Demo application right away.

To open it, just go to DashboardApplications → find your Application, and click on “Preview in Demo” link.

With this application, you can get a quick grasp of how our API works, as it is an example of the potential an integration with Pluggy can achieve.

Here, you can also review how the data collected by our API in the Financial Institution looks like, in both a user-friendly way, and as JSON/CSV/XLS file formats.

Sandbox Account

If you prefer, you may create an Item by connecting an account using our Sandbox Connector (”Pluggy Bank”).

To connect an account with our Sandbox Connector, you can use our Test Users.

The basic set of credentials for a successful login is:

User: user-ok

Password: password-ok

MFA / 2FA Token (if applicable): 123456

🗒️ By using a Sandbox (Pluggy Bank) Connector, you can test any of the login flows and scenarios you would also encounter when using any of the available Live Connectors.

This covers different scenarios such as invalid credentials error, site not available, MFA login flows, etc. All the Sandbox login flows and credentials can be found here.