The account product is the list of bank accounts such as Checking or Savings Account and Credit Card, that were available in the selected connector.

The response will vary depending on the Accounts Type, providing a data object related to its type bankData or creditData.

  "id": "4f61bd6d-e6fc-44b2-9c4b-5609058de7ab",
  "type": "CREDIT",
  "subtype": "CREDIT_CARD",
  "name": "Itau Uniclass 2.0 Mastercard Platinum",
  "marketingName": "Itau Uniclass 2.0 Mastercard Platinum",
  "taxNumber": "***.***.123-22",
  "owner": "FEDERICO MIRAS",
  "number": "1234",
  "balance": 142.41,
  "itemId": "fc214524-4725-4974-9f7a-0f1b50ea39e0",
  "currencyCode": "BRL",
  "creditData": {
    "level": "PLATINUM",
    "brand": "MASTERCARD",
    "balanceCloseDate": "2020-07-08",
    "balanceDueDate": "2020-07-17",
    "availableCreditLimit": 51300,
    "creditLimit": 51800,
    "isLimitFlexible": false,
    "balanceForeignCurrency": 500,
    "minimumPayment": 100
  "id": "a658c848-e475-457b-8565-d1fffba127c4",
  "type": "BANK",
  "subtype": "CHECKING_ACCOUNT",
  "number": "0001/12345-0",
  "name": "Conta Corrente",
  "marketingName": "GOLD Conta Corrente",
  "balance": 120950,
  "itemId": "a0922d6f-2007-4169-a181-b961500608db",
  "taxNumber": "416.799.495-00",
  "owner": "John Doe",
  "currencyCode": "BRL",
  "bankData": {
    "transferNumber": "0001/12345-0",
    "closingBalance": 120950
typeType of account (BANK / CREDIT).
subtypeThe subtype of account (CHECKING ACCOUNT / SAVING ACCOUNT / CREDIT CARD).
numberFor BANK type, this field returns the number of the account. Ie: 12345-6 (or 12345-6/500 in some saving accounts).

For CREDIT type, this field returns the last four digits of the credit card.
Ie: 1234.
balanceFor BANK type, this field returns the current available balance of the account.

For CREDIT type, this field returns the value of the last closed invoice not yet paid.

More details here
currencyCodeCurrency ISO code of the account, ie USD or EUR
nameName of the account, ie. Saving Account 1234 or Mastercard Gold.
marketingNameThe extra name provided for some accounts that are related to the level of the account. Not always provided.
ownerName of the owner of the account.
taxNumberTax number of the owner of the account.
bankDataSpecific data for bank account types.
creditDataSpecific data for credit account types.


Bank Accounts (Checking & Savings) balances represent the amount the holder currently holds as available to spend. If this value is negative, it represents a debt the holder has with the financial institution, an example of this would be an overdraft.

Credit Cards balances are the amount due to the institution, this would mean the last closed invoice pending payment. If the last closed invoice has been paid in full, it will return 0. If it was paid with an exceeded amount, the balance would return a negative value.


Bank data

transferNumberThis field returns the most important account information:
ISPB / Agency / Account

Ie.: 123 / 1234 / 12345-6
closingBalanceCurrent balance of the account.


Credit Data

minimumPaymentBalance minimum payment for the current period.
balanceForeignCurrencyBalance in foreign currency for the current period.
availableCreditLimitThe available credit limit for the account.
creditLimitThe credit limit for the account.
isLimitFlexibleWhether the credit card is unlimited.
balanceDueDateDue Date for the credit. (yyyy-mm-dd)
balanceCloseDateClose date when the balance was calculated. (yyyy-mm-dd)
levelCard type level (Black, Signature, etc).
brandCard Brand (Mastercard, Visa, Elo, etc).


See Accounts in our API reference for more information.