A consent shows which financial products an item is authorized to recover for a given period. You can use the Consents API to get all consents given to an item.

  "id": "a182a0ae-16b3-4790-9396-3724aa0bc14b",
  "itemId": "ed893a30-5fab-45d8-917c-e71a313dbe5e",
  "products": [
  "openFinancePermissionsGranted": [
  "createdAt": "2024-06-11T15:10:45.362Z",
  "expiresAt": null,
  "revokedAt": null

idConsent primary identifier
itemIdPrimary identifier of the item associated to the consent
productsProducts to be collected in the connection
openFinancePermissionsGrantedProducts consented by the user to be collected. Only available for Open Finance connectors.
createdAtDate when the consent was given
expiresAtDate when the consent expires. Null if the consent doesn't expire
revokedAtDate when the consent was revoked.

See Consent Management Docs for more information.