Get your API keys

Get to know Dashboard. Create your first Application and obtain your access keys.

To start integrating with Pluggy, sign up for an account on Dashboard.

When you do, you also create a Team, where you can invite others to collaborate too.

💡 On Pluggy’s Dashboard, you can manage everything related to your integration with Pluggy. This includes viewing created items and their status, querying the status of our Connectors, and more.

Creating your first Application

In the Applications tab, create your first Application.

Once created, you'll receive a pair of CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET credentials.

⚠️ These credentials will give access to users’ financial data, so it's essential to take all possible measures to store them safely, and never share them publicly.

With this Application, you are ready to start Creating Items.

Review our Docs

At this point, we recommend you review our Glossary, where we explain the core concepts we’ll be using moving forward.