Investment's Transactions

Each investment contains a list of transactions corresponding to Applications or Withdrawals.
The transaction schema contains a set of details of that operation.

Investment Transaction

tradeDateDatenoThe date when the transaction was settled.
dateDatenoThe date when the transaction was made.
quantitynumbernoQuantity of invested quotas.
valuenumbernoValue at which it was acquired.
amountnumbernoThe gross value of the operation.
typeInvestmentTransactionTypenoType of movement of the transaction.
descriptionstringyesDescription of the transaction.
brokerageNumberstringyesNumber of the corresponding brokerage note.
netAmountnumberyesValue including expenses.
expensesExpensesyesTaxes and charges described in the brokerage notes.

Investment Transaction Type

TAXTaxes that decrease the investment size.
TRANSFERTransfer between investments.


When we buy an asset traded on a stock exchange, usually through a brokerage firm, the brokerage firm issues a commercial note called a brokerage note. The note contains the total value of the transaction, the assets bought and sold, the fees related to the stock exchange, the amount charged by the broker (brokerage fee), and the total sum. The brokerage note represents the daily status of an investor's operations in the financial market. All taxes charged in each operation are grouped in the Expenses object

serviceTaxnumberyesService tax varies according to state (ISS).
brokerageFeenumberyesCommission charged by the brokerage for carrying out transactions on the stock market.
incomeTaxnumberyesIncome Tax Withholding is the amount paid to the Internal Revenue Service (IRRF).
othernumberyesSum of other not defined expenses.
tradingAssetsNoticeFeenumberyesA fee of Notice of Trading in Assets (ANA).
maintenanceFeenumberyesFees charged by BM&F Bovespa in negotiations.
settlementFeenumberyesLiquidation fee for the settlement of a position on the expiration date or the financial settlement of physical delivery.
clearingFeenumberyesRegistration fee.
stockExchangeFeenumberyesFees are charged by BM&F Bovespa as a source of operating income.
custodyFeenumberyesFee by brokers to keep records in their home broker systems or on the trading desk.
operatingFeenumberyesAmount paid to the Operator for the intermediation service.

Example of a Transaction:

  "total": 1,
  "totalPages": 1,
  "page": 1,
  "results": [
      "type": "BUY",
      "description": "Aplicação Fundo de Investimento Premium",
      "quantity": 1.25,
      "value": 2,
      "amount": 5,
      "date": "2022-03-24T03:00:00.000Z",
      "tradeDate": "2022-03-24T03:00:00.000Z",
      "brokerageNumber": "47078992",
      "expenses": {
        "serviceTax": 0.05,
        "brokerageFee": 0.1,
        "incomeTax": 0.01,
        "other": 0.01,
        "tradingAssetsNoticeFee": 0,
        "maintenanceFee": 0,
        "settlementFee": 0,09,
        "clearingFee": 0,
        "stockExchangeFee": 0.05


Investment Transaction

See Investment in our API reference for more information.