Subscribe to our Status Page

Subscribe to our Statuspage

Check out our public status page where we post any incident and outages.
so you can keep awareness on any existing issues.

Also, please subscribe using the top button to get notified about incidents as soon as they happen.

We will be posting incidents when they happen, analyzing impacts, affected connectors and how much time it will take to be normal again.

Slack announcement channels

We also provide live updates and announcements of incidents and more via Slack.

If you haven't requested us to set up a direct collaboration in a Slack channel, we strongly encourage you to do so! It's the most efficient and direct way we have of communicating news, incidents, and providing help.

SDKs Updates

We are always providing fixes and features to our SDKs. It's important to be up to date with these changes.
We recommend you to subscribe to the respective SDK's GitHub repository, if you are using one of them.