Retrieve up to 12 months of transaction data.

Transactions data of the accounts provide insights into the user's financial behavior. These transactions are recovered for the product Account when syncing the item for the first time and can be listed for all account types CREDIT (credit cards & loans) or BANK (checking & savings account).

You can review more about how to recover the transactions on the Transactions endpoint. Transactions can be recovered up to 500 per request and should be paginated for further transaction history.

For transactions that are available in "Open" invoices or are future installments, the status will return them as PENDING, since the transaction has not yet impacted the due balance.

datedatePosted date of the transaction, formatted in ISO8601 (UTC).
descriptionstringDescription of the transaction, text recovered from the financial institution.
descriptionRawstringIf available, raw description provided by the financial institution.
amountnumberAmount of the transaction.
amountInAccountCurrencynumberAmount of the transaction in Account's Currency, if the transaction is an international transaction.
balancenumberBalance after the transaction was made.
Only returned for supported financial institutions.
currencyCodestringCurrency ISO code of the transaction, ie BRL, USD.
categorystring | nullCategory of the transactions, provided by our Enrichment Categorizer.
Note: requires Pro subscription level.
providerCodestringIf available, provider's transaction code.
statusstringStatus of the transaction.
typestringType of the transaction.
DEBIT (outflow) or CREDIT (inflow)
paymentDataobjectData related to the payment/transfer.
creditCardMetadataobjectData related to a credit card transaction.
merchantobject | nullData related to the merchant associated with the transaction.
Note: requires feature enabled and Pro subscription level.
  "total": 1,
  "totalPages": 1,
  "page": 1,
  "results": [
      "id": "6ec156fe-e8ac-4d9a-a4b3-7770529ab01c",
      "description": "TED Example",
      "descriptionRaw": null,
      "currencyCode": "BRL",
      "amount": 1500,
      "date": "2021-04-12T00:00:00.000Z",
      "balance": 3500,
      "category": "Transfer",
      "categoryId": "05000000",
      "accountId": "03cc0eff-4ec5-495c-adb3-1ef9611624fc",
      "providerCode": "123456",
      "type": "CREDIT",
      "status": "POSTED",
      "paymentData": null,
      "creditCardMetadata": {
        "installmentNumber": 1,
        "totalInstallments": 6,
        "totalAmount": 9000
      "merchant": null

Transaction Payment Data Schema

Some transactions that are Payments or Transfers may contain related data to understand from whom and to whom the operation was made, reference numbers like PIX Identifier, the user's defined reason or the method used to make the movement.

payerThe identity of the sender of the transfer.
receiverThe identity of the receiver of the transfer.
referenceNumberThe identifier for the transaction that is provided by the institution.
receiverReferenceIdThe identifer provided by the receiver to track the payment
paymentMethodThe type of transfer used "PIX", "TED", "DOC".
reasonThe payer description/motive of the transfer.
  "payer": {
    "name": "Tiago Rodrigues Santos",
    "branchNumber": "090",
    "accountNumber": "1234-5",
    "routingNumber": "001",
    "routingNumberISPB": "00000000",
    "documentNumber": {
      "type": "CPF",
      "value": "882.937.076-23"
  "reason": "Taxa de serviço",
  "receiver": {
    "name": "Pluggy",
    "branchNumber": "999",
    "accountNumber": "9876-1",
    "routingNumber": "002",
    "routingNumberISPB": "27652684",
    "documentNumber": {
      "type": "CNPJ",
      "value": "08.050.608/0001-32"
  "paymentMethod": "TED",
  "referenceNumber": "123456789",
  "receiverReferenceId": "company-reference-id"

Each participant of the "PaymentData" will have references to the account in which the transfer was originated or received.

nameName of the participant (Payer or Receiver)
branchNumberAgency number
accountNumberAccount number, with verification digit.
routingNumberBank COMPE identification number. Full list can be found here.
routingNumberISPBBank ISPB identification number. Full list can be found here.
documentNumberFormatted CPF or CNPJ of the participant.

Transaction Credit Card Metadata Schema

Transactions associated with credit cards may contain extra data like the total of installments, the installment number and the total amount (the sum of all installments).

  "installmentNumber": 1,
  "totalInstallments": 6,
  "totalAmount": 9000,
  "payeeMCC": 1234,
  "cardNumber": "1234",
  "billId": "03cc0eff-4ec5-495c-adb3-1ef9611624fc"
installmentNumberThe installment number associated with the transaction.
totalInstallmentsThe total of installments associated with the transaction.
totalAmountThe total amount (sum of all installments).
Only available when the purchase was made in installments.
payeeMCCMerchant category code of the payee
purchaseDateOriginal date of the purchase, for transactions made with installments.
cardNumberThe credit Card Number associated with the transaction can be different from the account if it's done by an additional or virtual card.
billIdId of the bill associated to the transaction.
Only available on Open Finance connectors

Transaction Merchant Schema

Transactions retrieved may contain extra information regarding the merchant/company associated with the transaction. Such information is the legal name of the company, cnpj number and the merchants associated category.

  "name": "Netflix",
  "cnpj": "00.000.000/0000-00",
  "cnae": "5911100",
  "category": "Video Streaming"
nameMerchant simple name.
businessNameMerchant legal registered name.
cnpjCNAE number associated to the merchant.
cnaeCNPJ number associated to the merchant
categoryCategory of the merchant. Provided by our Enrichment Categorizer.


See Transaction in our API reference for more information.

How to synchronize and merge transactions

  • After an item creation, you can save all the transactions retrieved without any other logic.

  • On item update, there are two things to do:

    • Get all new transactions using our transactions endpoint and make an upsert in your database using the transaction id field.
    • Has an endpoint to receive transactions/deleted and then delete all the transactions that match with the specified ids, once a webhook is received.


Transaction Id can change

When Pluggy syncs transactions with the Financial Institution, we create a hash related to the transaction, that allows us to maintain the transaction's id between synchronization.
In case there are too many changes on the transaction's data such as Date, Description, or Amount, that can't allow us to confirm the transaction is the same as the one before.
In those cases, we will delete the existing transaction and create a new one.
Please review the How to synchronize and merge transactions guide for more information.