Creates a item and syncs all the products with the financial institution, using as credentials the sent parameters.

To submit the connector's credentials we are going to build a Credential's Object.
This object will contain each credential necessary to execute the connector, as detailed in the GET /connectors, that returns a credentials array.

This object will be created as key-value pairs, being the name of the credential the key, and the user's input the value.


"credentials": [
     "label": "Agência",
     "name": "agency",
     "type": "number",
     "placeholder": "Agência",
     "validation": "^\\d{4}$",
     "validationMessage": "O agencia deve ter 4 dígito"
     "label": "Conta",
     "name": "account",
     "type": "number",
     "placeholder": "Conta",
     "validation": "^\\d{4,6}$",
     "validationMessage": "O conta deve ter 6 dígito"
     "label": "Senha",
     "name": "password",
     "type": "number",
     "placeholder": "Senha",
     "validation": "^\\d{6}$",
     "validationMessage": "O senha deve ter 6 dígito"
  "agency": "1234",
  "account": "123456",
  "password": "123456"
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