Triggers new syncronization for the Item, optionally updating the stored credentials.

This endpoint must be called to trigger a new synchronization with the Institution.
The credentials are optional in this case, if they are not provided, it will use the stored ones.

If you want to send a new set of credentials necessary to execute the connector, you will have to review the credentials defined in the GET /connectors, which returns a credentials array for the specific connector.

This object will be created as key-value pairs, the name of the credential the key, and the user's input the value.

  "user": "user-ok",
  "password": "password-ok"
  "token": "123456" 


MFA 1-Step

If the connector requires an MFA parameter such as a Token to execute an update, you will be required to send a valid MFA and a different one from the last execution, to start a new synchronization. Otherwise you will get for both scenarios an HTTP 400 error message to send a correct input.

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