Creates the payment intent resource

To create a Payment Intent, we will require to generate first a PaymentRequest, and will send the identifier as paymentRequestId.

The PaymentIntent identifies the intent of a user to fulfill a payment request and will send two key things.

  1. The Connector (connectorId) : identifies the institution through which the user will send the money. This can be recovered from the /connectors endpoint filtering by supportsPaymentInitiation = true.
  2. Identification of the User (parameters): For payment initiation, an institution requires identification of the user in the form of CPF and in the case of Businesses, to send the CNPJ as well.
  "paymentRequestId": "c2a6b7d9-3349-435d-8341-44021449ebbc",
  "connectorId": 603,
  "parameters": {
    "cpf": "11111111111"

For Bulk Payments, the bulkPaymentId parameter should be sent instead of the paymentRequestId to fullfil the payment of the bulk.

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