Each account transaction is enhanced using our DataEnrichment API, which improves and adds value to the transactions recovered from the different institutions. One of the key features is Categorization, which matches the transaction using our Categorizator to one of our Categories that will provide extra information about the transaction.

Each category follows a hierarchy, which means that each one has a Parent category that groups the categories that are for similar purposes. IE. Transfer has multiple childs as Deposit, Check or ATM Withdrawal.

Category Rules

Pluggy works on continuous improvement of categorization accuracy, to provide the best labels in the market, but sometimes we may return labels that are not aligned to customer expectations. Category rules allow customers to add their own rules before our labeling solution provides instant feedback to our model and we may establish it as a datapoint on our ML model.

The Category Rules will be used at the beginning of the process, to label the transactions with your desired category.

You can upsert & list the created category rules using the List & Create/Update endpoints.