Create a Connect Token

When connecting to Pluggy from a client-side application (ie. Connect Widget) we require to use a Connect Token, this token it's limited to access only information related to the connections that were generated using this access token.

To create it you need to make a call to POST /connect_token. Keep in mind that your API key will be requested.

The API key works as an API secret and they expire 2 hours after they are created, this one will be used to validate all requests by Pluggy's API.



Once the connectToken is generated, it will be available for 30 minutes. Then, when the token expires, a new one must be created.

Using this ConnectToken is the same as the API KEY, we can pass it through as the authentication header and automatically Pluggy will know its limited scope access.

Creating an item

Below is a flow overview of how you can create an item with Pluggy Connect using the API KEY and connectToken.