Before you start working with our API there are some important concepts that we will let you know as a Glossary:


A product represents standardized data from a financial institution with a specific set of attributes for a specific purpose. ie. Accounts, Credit Cards, Investments, Identity, Transactions.


A connector represents an integration with a financial institution that recovers specific products based on the user's access


An Item is a set of products recovered from a specific connector of a user that gave his consent to collect the data. To create an item a user will interact with Pluggy's Connect Widget to provide his consent so the products can be recovered.

To use these entities you will interact with our API using the endpoints of our SDK, these terms will be referenced in both scenarios:

API key

An API key works as an API secret and they expire 2 hours after they are created, this one will be used to validate all requests by Pluggy's API. Once the token is expired, a new one has to be created with its corresponding CLIENT_ID and SECRET_ID

A Client ID and Client Secret will be provided to your account once you sign up in our Dashboard.


All API keys can be revoked from our Dashboard in case of any need and get new fresh ones.