Testing with Sandbox

  1. First, create a Sandbox Smart Account
  "name": "My Test Sandbox Account",  
  "taxNumber": "111111111-11",  
  "email": "[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])",  
  "phoneNumber": "1111111111",  
  "isSandbox": true  

SmartAccount created with sandbox:true don't interact with the production payment institutions just without "Mock Bank".

  1. Create some PaymentRequest items, the sum of all requests including fees should sum up 1333.33
    For example:
    // #1
      "amount": 1001.33,  
      "description": "Transferência #1",  
      "recipientId": "207b7c20-758e-441f-8a5a-be339ced22f5"  
    // #2
      "amount": 330,  
      "description": "Transferência #2",  
      "recipientId": "207b7c20-758e-441f-8a5a-be339ced22f5"  
  2. Create the Bulk Payment using those requests and the sandbox account generated before.
    The bulk payment returned will contain a URL param that will show the flow only for the sandbox payment provider.