September 2023 (Monthly Update)

🚀 Open Finance Update: Bills, Investments & Identity Now Supported!

Dive into the latest enhancements and additions we brought to you this month.

New Features

  • 🌐 Open Finance Flow Enhancements:
  • 🏦 Connectors:
    • Enabled Mutual Funds and Fixed Income Investment Transactions for Bradesco PJ and Banco do Brasil PJ.
    • Sold Investments are now marked as TOTAL_WITHRAWAL in Itau PF and Inter PF.
    • Added Multiple Accounts support in Ailos PF.
    • Welcomed EQI as our new Connector. Discover its range of supported products here.
    • Added support for investment transactions in Inter PF
    • Add account selection flow in the XP Connector.
  • 🛠 Technical Additions:
    • Enhanced our connector model with isSandbox and isOpenFinance flags.
    • Added pagination for Investments response using page and pageSize query parameters.

🛠 Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Addressed LCA Investments response discrepancies in Caixa Connectors.
  • Multiple fixes for Rico Investimentos product retrieval.
  • Rectified Pix QR payment data anomalies in Bradesco PJ.

ℹ️ Important Notices ℹ️

  • 📢 Integration Update: The Inter QR and Inter PF connectors have been unified. The consolidated connector is now identifiable with an ID of 215.