January 2023 (Monthly Update)

Happy new year to all Pluggy's family that are part of our ecosystem! The year already started and we are already doing some noise.

✨ Features

  • We are shipping the Empiricus Investimentos (former Vitreo) connector this month, we are running the final tests and will be available as BETA by the end of the month. If you want to participate, please reach out!

  • We launched in BETA the Ethereum Network connector, allowing users to share their Web3 Addresses, through Metamask in this first version, and providing a validated way to collect Web3 financial information.

  • XP Investimentos is now returning the "Conta Digital" checking account with the last 12 months of transaction history. Providing not only asset activity but also bank account historic information.

  • Pluggy Connect now allows to manually trigger the hide function of the widget for "Connection in Background" purposes. This empowers developers to create their own user journey hiding the widget when the login has been confirmed.

  • On our Dashboard you can now review all the Webhook's events sent to the configured listeners, filtering by events, items, or even applications.

  • We have added the nextAutoSyncAt field in the GET /item/{id} endpoint to allow clients to know when an Item is going to auto sync next, or if it has auto-sync enabled. More information on this field at our auto sync docs.

  • We have added product warnings in the statusDetail field of the Item, for cases when an empty product is returned and it is correct behaviour (for example, when the user does not have permission to see that product in the Institution)

  • We have added new Webhooks and are actively working on improving our docs. In this case, we have added the transactions/deleted event to easily merge the transactions after the item has been updated.

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💟 Improvements

  • Major improvements were delivered for BTG Pactual & XP Investimentos connectors providing an accelerated experience with the best data coverage in the market.

  • All login flows can now be tested using our Pluggy Bank Sandbox connector that will allow the same experience that each of the financial institutions supported.

  • Our Pluggy Connect widget keeps getting major performance and visual improvements. It's the best way for every developer to keep updated with the different connectors with a seamless experience.

  • Genial Investimentos connector now supports a new flow with mobile token as a password, that its required for some specific users.

  • Sicoob PJ now supports selecting which company the user wants to connect to. In this case, if the user needs to connect to all companies, multiple items should be created for each one.

  • Our Demo App its now fully integrated with the Dashboard on a seamless login powered by Auth0.


Demo Login

Pluggy WhatsApp 🤖

We introduced a new product that allows you to connect users' bank accounts via WhatsApp!
We launched an open version that gives you insights about your bank data, you can use this demo by clicking this link!


If you are interested in this product, let us know!