December 2022 (Monthly Update)

Hello, and welcome to our December (Work in progress) changelog!
Even though there is a World Cup, we delivered many features you can use to empower your applications.

✨ Features

  • We have delivered and it's in BETA the Avenue Broker Connector!
    You can now recover your checking account, transactions and investments (mutual funds, equities & ETFs).
    This is already available in our dashboard for you to enable on your application.
    Feel free to reach out with any problems or doubts.

  • Genial Broker keeps growing support for asset transactions, now we are returning transactions for assets of type Securities, Fixed Income & Equities.

  • Pss it's coming home! Portfolio Yield is on public BETA. Providing a historic & whole view of your user's portfolio performance month over month. We are preparing the beta launch for XP Investimentos accounts.
    Reach out to [email protected] or chat with us, if you want to join the BETA!

  • Did you know the Opportunities product? It provides a great vision of what products are the financial institutions offering to your users. This provides a competitive battleground to deliver improved products to your users. Now available on the Itau Business connector as well!

  • We have improved the health object that now provides statistics about your recent connections on the connector and recent connection rate (percentage of healthy connections) that can be recovered when listing the connectors, check it out under the API Reference.

  "page": 1,
  "total": 1,
  "totalPages": 1,
  "results": [
      "id": 201,
      "name": "Itaú",
      "type": "PERSONAL_BANK",
      "credentials": [],
      "products": [],
      "health": {
        "status": "ONLINE",
        "stage": null,
        "details": {
            "connectionRateLast6Hours": 94.3,
            "connectionsLast6Hours": 53

💟 Improvements

  • We have sped up the process of recovering customized Terms & Conditions.
    Did you know that terms & conditions can be customized?

  • Major improvement on XP Investimentos! After a significant blocker, and some weeks of instability, we launched the v2 of the connector improving the performance of the connection by more than 50%.
    Due to the blocker, we are not returning Equities & Securities transactions.

  • Banco do Brasil it's returning future transactions as PENDING now available for all Credit Cards & Accounts.

  • When a Connector requires an MFA Token to execute an update (ie. Bradesco PF), the API will require this input to be different from the previous one. If not, it will return an HTTP 400 error.

  "code": 400,
  "message": "MFA parameter has to be updated from last execution"
  • We have increased the "Sandbox" coverage for all the different flows available (yep, there are too many!!). It's important for you to test each one of those.
    • Sandbox connectors can be found with connectorId lower than 99.
    • If you are using the Pluggy Connect widget, you will have the following experience.

☑️ Fixed

  • Fixed clientUserId not being propagated to item connections for MercadoPago connector. This only affected Pluggy Connect connections.

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