March 2023 (Monthly Update)

We are ending our Q1 with this news!!

:sparkles: Features

  • We added eventId on our webhooks payload. This field identifies the event itself univocally allowing our clients to be sure if the event is already processed.

  • As part of our Q1-2023 Hackathon, we have shipped a lot of connectors that are in BETA and ready to get feedback for our users:

    • Lemon Cash (Retail Bank)
    • Iti (Retail Bank)
    • Wise (Retail Bank)
    • Warren Investimentos (Broker)
    • Deel (Contractors & Business - Digital Economy)
    • OnTop (Digital Economy)
    • Stone (PSP)
    • Splitwise (Personal Finance Management).
    • MeuVivo (Telecommunication)
    • ContaAzul (Invoicing)
  • We are launching our MeuPluggy consent management platform where all the users that shared their access through our platform can manage their consents, review their data and revoke any access that they want to restrict. This is automatically provided for all our customers.

  • OAuth v2 has been launched at Pluggy, for some new connectors provided in the news above. This new flow allows tracking the user's connection through the complete flow.

  • We added consecutiveFailedLoginAttempts to our item entity in order to warn users when they’re about to cause ACCOUNT_LOCKED on their own accounts.

  • We launch INCOME REPORTS new product for XP connector!!

  • We have added the "Item's Execution" overview page to our dashboard, you can now go deeper into the item's health by analyzing the item by its ID.

:heart-decoration: Improvements

:dizzy-face: Sad news

  • To improve scalability and performance with Investment transactions, we are not deprecating the transactions field in GET /investments and GET /investments/{id} in favor of our paginated Investment Transactions endpoint. We will no longer return the `transactions´ field in Investments for new Applications, created from 21st March 2023 onward.