August 2023 (Monthly Update)

Hey! Welcome to the August updates! 🌸

Before we dive into the changelog, there's some news everyone should be aware of.

1️⃣ We now support Regulated Open Finance connections! 🎉

If you're interested and want to learn more, check it out here!

2️⃣ On 01/10, we will deprecate our connector Inter Investimentos (with id 234) and will solely utilize the connector Inter (with id 215).

The connector will carry the same data. If you have any questions or need assistance with your integration, please reach out to us!

✨ Features

  • We've introduced the Ailos Cartões PJ connector.
  • We've added the XP - Wealth connector.
  • You can now configure which products to execute within a Pluggy Connection using the Pluggy Connect Widget! Learn more about Pluggy Connect configuration here.
  • We've added support for Fixed Income transactions made at Itau Corretora in the Itau PF connector.
  • We've included the last transaction in Sold investments for the Inter PF connector.
  • We've introduced support for Mutual Funds and Fixed Income in the Bradesco PJ connector.
  • We've added the Cora PJ connector.
  • We've added support for payment data regarding Pix QR transactions in Bradesco PJ.
  • We've incorporated status and holderType fields for Accounts.
  • We've added support for the Acquiring Stone connector with some modifications to our data model.
  • We now display TOTAL_WITHDRAWAL for sold investments in Itau PF.
  • We've introduced support for CPF access in the XP connector.

❤️ Improvements

  • We've enhanced the UX for QR flow in Pluggy Connect.
  • We've addressed login issues with Itau PJ.