May 2023 (Monthly Update)

✨ Features

  • We have added the product MOVE_SECURITY that allows users do Security Portability in a few minutes ⚡.
  • We have added additional cads support to Inter PF connector.
  • We have added support to split transactions related to "Sispag Fornecedores" on the Itau Business connector, providing granular payment data for each transaction associated with the grouped one. This provides a detailed view of consolidated transactions.
  • We added the consecutiveFailedLoginAttemptsto our Item response, that enable applications & Pluggy Connect to avoid blocking accounts due to multiple consecutive invalid credentials.

💟 Improvements

  • We have improved Nubank accounts response performance and stability.
  • We have improved the Bradesco PF credit cards response fixing bill dates for installments.
  • We have improved the stability of Banco do Brasil PF login.
  • We have improved the stability of Ailos PF login.
  • We have improved the credit card transactions with installments recalculating the date in Santander PF.
  • We have improved the transactions response in Santander PJ supporting the Provider Code.
  • We have improved credit cards response in Banco do Brasil PF by adding balanceCloseDate.
  • We improved our Deel connector, providing a single access for Contractors & Businesses, to collect their financial data. Providing the Business with their employee's contracts & their payments.