June 2023 (Monthly Update)

Hey! Welcome to our June product updates! ❄️

We are happy to announce that you can see your billing data from our Dashboard. Take control of your billing!

✨ Features

  • We added our Billing dashboard as you see above! It will be changing so you can have the best experience while using Pluggy ❤️.
  • In Connect Widget, now we warn and prevent the user from blocking the account after 2 consecutive login errors.
  • We have added support for multiple accounts in Sicredi PJ.
  • We have added support for Pix QR code payment data support in Itau PJ.
  • We have added support for no MFA accounts in BTG.
  • We have added issuerName and cnpj in our investments data model.
  • We have added support for non-existing accounts in Genial to improve the User Experience when a user is connecting his account and miss spells their user/email.

💟 Improvements

  • We improved the errors in Connect Widget to improve the Developer Experience while integrating the app.
  • We improved the stability of the connections in Santander PJ.
  • We improved the stability in transactions product in Caixa.
  • We improved the User Experience in our Caixa connector when a user connects an account after USER_AUTHORIZATION_NOT_GRANTED status.
  • We have improved our MOVE_SECURITY step so moving securities will be less painful for all our users.
  • We have improved our login step in our Inter PJ connect.