February 2023 (Monthly Update)

Happy Carnaval from Pluggy! :tada:
This month we did a little more than enjoy the holidays, and here is just the summary of it.

:sparkles: Features

  • We have added the ACCOUNT_CREDENTIALS_RESET execution error for users that face this situation forced by the financial institution to refresh due to expired credentials or new measures taken by the institution. No synchronization will happen until the item is updated with the new set of credentials.

  • We are returning the metadata response for Nuinvest, BTG Pactual & Orama allowing Previdencia Portability for the financial institution.

  • We added the investorProfile field to our identity product, which indicates the investor's personality and motivation for investing. This is already being recovered on XP Investimentos & BTG Pactual, adding it to more institutions for the next month.

  • XP Investimentos & Ailos now supports the product Credit Card and it's Transactions, returning up to 12 months of historic data.

:heart-decoration: Improvements

  • We have improved Genial Investimentos investment transaction's response with Taxes, Transfers & Sales operations.

  • Warnings now have more details about the code related to the warning and, if provided, will return the providerMessage a user-friendly message directly from the financial institution.

From recent updates, all SDKs have been updated and are kept updated to the latest changes that our API occurs. Please visit the specific SDK public GitHub repository for more information.

:dizzy-face: Sad news

  • We have deprecated our C6 Connector due to security restrictions from the financial institution. For the time being it won't be available, until something change in the future. All existing connections can still be recovered from our API.