April 2023 (Monthly Update)

✨ Features

  • We have created the USER_NOT_SUPPORTED error code, to provide better UX for users that cannot connect to certain Financial Institutions.
  • We have added support for Transactions & Identity on our Iti connector, removing it entirely from beta.
  • We have launched the "Caixa Previdencia" connector, which allows Caixa users to share their previdencia information aligned with our Previdencia Portability product.
  • We launched the Income Report product, which is right now available only for XP Investmentos.
  • In Connect Widget, we have a new flow to alert the users when they introduce invalid credentials to prevent them from blocking their own accounts.
  • In Connect Widget, we have added a new flag called allowFullscreen to decide how to display it on mobile devices, whether fullscreen or modal.

💟 Improvements

  • In Connect Widget, we improved the UI and UX OAuth flow, by providing specific errors with instructions to the user.